Whores, Hoglegs, and Whiskey

Here there be... silver mines...and outlaws, and doublecrosses, and giant bear wolverine monsters.... Yeah I think thats about it.
Episode 6, 6.1, and 6.2


After a slow and boring first night in Denver, the party awoke refreshed and headed down for their breakfast in the beautiful and spacious hotel lobby. As Nephi had been inquiring at the sheriffs office the day before looking for work, mainly regarding bounty hunting… it appeared that someone with a need for a bounty hunter had surfaced to hold the parties hand to adventure! An obese, red headed man who was exceptionally well dressed introduced himself to Nephi as one Buford McGinty. He stated that his daughter had been kidnapped by some thugs lead by a bandit named… Bandit Darville. Nephi immediately took the job before hearing anything about payment, causing Doctor Hamilton Reese to spit out his coffee, and then Nephi followed that up by stating that they would worry about payment at a later time, again causing Reese to spew forth is coffee. The group settled on a nominal fee and agreed to rescue the mans daughter. The man supplied them with money for the ransom as well as a steam wagon. Several of the party members were suspicious of the offer and the sparse details regarding the mission.

The party went to the sheriffs office to wait for Buford as he told them he would come pick them up in the steam wagon. The sheriff was a belligerent, tobacco chewing/spitting, asshole. He threatened to kill Hamilton, threatened and mocked Jacob and generally made everyone so irritated that they all wanted to kill him for the most part. Eventually Buford picked up the party and took them back to his mansion. A beautiful estate, he gave the party the details on his daughter and where to meet the bandits.

The party set out and after a couple of days travel reached Georgetown. The city had been abandoned for sometime as they had heard (around 6 years) and it showed. The shacks were falling apart as were the larger buildings. It was plain to see where a large mudslide had covered nearly half of the city. In the distance the party saw two large stacks and a big building, most likely the furnace. They drove towards that with Cosby, Chopsticks, and Nephi getting out and sneaking behind some buildings. Nephi hears voices inside and they three of them realize its a trap.

Meanwhile, Reese piloted the steam wagon recklessly into the front yard of the furnace, they realize that they were surrounded. Darville shows himself and he has a gun to a womans head. He demands that the party give him the book and the money and he’ll let the girl go. The pair claim to be ignorant of the book that Darville is talking about. This conversation ends with Bandit shooting the woman in the head as Reese drove the steam wagon maniacally towards him. Markus throws a stick of dynamite but is thrown off kilter by Reese’s bad driving causing his dynamite to hit one of the retaining walls destroying a chunk of it and sending fragments everywhere. Hamilton realizes the steam wagon is not going to make it up the hill towards the depot and turned around and rammed straight into one of the stacks, damaging the wagon in the process and doing very little damage to the stack.

The other half of the party hear a loud explosion, and take advantage of the situation to ambush the ambushers. They wipe out most of them and then start fighting the ones in the shack next to theirs. The party manages to kill most of the henchman and a sharpshooting Indian named Sugar Bear on the tower, it was down to Bandit, and his partner Cledus Branford. Hamilton Reese took a severe shot from a shotgun and was wounded badly the part killed Cledus and Bandit wanted to parlay. Markus wasn’t having that shit though. Not caring about the bounty, Markus lit a stick of dynamite and tossed it into the tumbler with Bandit. The explosion blew the bandit formerly known as Bandit to chunks. Reese used his device to heal himself. After collecting themselves the party decided to scout around and see if they could find the horses and gear from the group of bandits.

They followed tracks north from the furnace, they found a large common area where the tracks seemed to emanate from. They opened the door and the stench was overpowering, and carnage was everywhere. The horses were all slaughtered and there were several bandits who had been ripped clean in half. The rear side of the building had been sheared open, and the group found massive animal tracks.

The party wisely decided to stay the night in Georgetown (that and their wagon was in need of repair as it was needlessly slammed into a large concrete stack). During the night the party was attacked by a large bear/wolverine looking monster (anyone else not surprised?). The creature’s stench was overwhelming and their weapons seemed unable to wound it, Markus saved the day however, and used his magic upon the beast, felling it in a single blow.

The next morning the party found chopsticks was missing, and ambled out to find her. She was back at the northern common room stripping meat from the dead horses. They retrieved her and lit the building on fire to cremate the remaining bodies. They also retrieved the body of Bufords daughter. Hamilton and Li finished fixing the steam wagon. A voice called out to them asking them to lower their weapons and he would come out. At this point they met [[H.P. Benton]] the owner of the Benton Silver MIning Company. The man asked them if they had met Ed. The two ton beast that had ruined his silver mines. They told him that they had dispatched “Ed”, and showed him the body. The old man stabbed and kicked the corpse… and then invited the party to join him for pancakes. At this point he asks them to name their reward. The party, thinking small potatoes, requests train fare. The man chuckles and asks them to think bigger. Markus asks for a 10% stake in the company. Again H.P. Chuckles telling them “now you’re thinkin” but thats a bit too much. He in turn offers 2% to each of the actual party members (sorry chopsticks he doesn’t think you’re a person) which they happily agree to. They are required to lock their weapons in a lockbox for the journey back to Denver.

They take the corpse of Buford’s daughter, and the two in tact corpses that had bounties on them, and head back to Denver. Upon arrival they decide to go immediately to the sheriffs office. The first thing they notice is the sheriff isn’t the same person who was in before. More than that the other sheriff was a phony, this one had headed up north to Longmont and had just returned. The sheriff also goes on to tell the party that Buford is a drifter and doesn’t own a home in Denver, he’s a bit of a scammer. He goes out to the wagon to view the bounties and collects two of the corpses. The party mentions that the third corpse is Buford’s daughter, and again the sheriff doesn’t recollect Buford having a daughter, he thinks that it was a whore from the Blackjack Bar.. owned by one Jefferson “Soapy” Smith. He takes the two bounties and pays the party, and he requests that they return the girl to the Blackjack and sends a deputy that “knew” the girl.

When the party arrives at the BlackJack, Soapy is tending bar. They bring in the corpse of the dead girl and Soapy demands payment for her. He requires $100 dollars as he claims thats what he paid to bring her out here. The party refuses and weapons are drawn, Soapy draws on Nephi, Markus on Soapy, men on the second floor on everyone, and chopsticks busts through the door with her shotgun and draws on the men up top. Soapy insists that they pay and tells the deputy to let the party know who runs this town. He admits that Soapy greatly sweetens their salaries for “favors”. Nephi decides to settle without bloodshed and pays the $100. He is left seething though. The party returns to the hotel for the night.

I fuckin' hate Denver... aka nobody wants to do anything fun and are distracted for obvious reasons.
Episode 5?


Danielle graced us with her presence tonight, this threw off John’s mood, and everyone else’s mood as she was obviously drunk, high, and was sneaking more alcohol and smoking weed in the bathroom. Everyone was either almost uncomfortable or actually uncomfortable and I think it most likely contributed to what was our most boring episode ever, as there was no flow to the story, people were constantly up and down from the table and we were consistently interrupted… well on with the er “recap”.

Nephi procured hotel rooms at the Denver Excelsior for everyone, and the next day procured supplies, and found some wanted posters of possible bounty opportunities.

Jacob reported in to the Denver branch of The Agency and met the superior there, Hattie Lawton. She seemed a bit perturbed to learn that Jacob had a role in the Longmont incident. She also warned him that some of the other agents might be upset regarding his assignment to Salt Lake City despite his lack of seniority.

Doctor Hamilton Reese wasn’t his usual self. He went gambling in hopes of making more money for his future plans, and was able to win a substantial sum.

Markus G. Hearts purchased supplies, and checked on the train schedule and prices for tickets. After detirmining that they would need 20 bucks a ticket and then some for the horses to ride in the zulu car, the party decided to pitch in and let Markus try to win them some more money by playing poker. He ended up coming out slightly ahead but they aren’t sure they have enough to buy the tickets.

All of that took about 4 hours.

Nephi Sacketts, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hanging...
Episode 4


When last we saw our intrepid adventurer Nephi he had been wandering around for a few hours looking for the horses that belonged to his party. Due to his “heart” not really being in it, and having been awakened without a full nights sleep, he was unable to find them. Unbeknownst to him the party had managed to find their own horses wandering just outside of town and had pursued Lalaurie to her home to finish things once and for all… or so they hoped.

Meanwhile the wind turned on the city of Longmont and the rest of the city had gone to flame while the party was gone chasing Delphine and Hubert, and Nephi was chasing… horses. After some time he wandered back around to the charred city he saw a group of survivors gathered on a hill overlooking the city, under a large oak tree. He approached the surviving city folk and offered to give prayer with them. He appeared to not notice the mood of the towns people as he got near them, and as soon as he began to pray, the mob set upon him, with intent of hanging him. Nephi valiantly defended himself against the angry mob with just his fists but soon began to lose the battle. Nearing desperation he pulled his weapon and fired backward blindly, striking one of them men holding him in the leg, causing him to bleed out. This only served to enrage the mob.

As they prepared to string him up, his party members came over a ridge overlooking the burning city. Penny heard the report of a gunshot, and saw the crowd of people clamoring on the hill. She charged forward, followed by Markus, and Jacob. Doctor Hamilton Reese meandered up slowly from behind with Chopsticks.

Penny was able to diffuse the situation after discharging her gun into the air and a bunch of hollering and conversating went on. She asked the party to help assist with the fires and the burning reanimated that were walking the used to be streets of Longmont. The party declined and told her they had business to attend to. She thought about drawing down on them to try and force them to help… but in the end thought better of it. The party left the burg of Longmont fully ablaze, and to the hands of the survivors and headed south for Denver.

They traveled throughout the cold day, and as nightfall approached they decided to camp for the night. Markus found a suitable burrow and Nephi found a deer. Chopsticks cleaned up the deer and helped Markus cook it. They lined up watch rotations and everyone went to sleep. Dr. Reese went back to sleep on his watch, luckily the party went unmolested. Markus awoke with a start and found that the fire had essentially burned out. He restoked it and got it burning again, and then furious with Reese, he relieved himself in Reese’s shoe. The party woke up and got themselves together and headed south again.

The party arrived in Denver, and were met by a wiry, tall, dark haired man with a mustache who was trying to recruit shills for a scheme he was running the “soap prize package”. Markus and Jacob both were not interested and left to find a saloon. Nephi went to find a church, leaving Hamilton and Wen. The man introduced himself asJefferson “Soapy” Smith, but told them to call him Soapy. He offered to pay Reese 5 dollars and if he could wrangle up some help he would pay them all five dollars. Reese found Nephi and brought him back. Half way through the scheme Nephi abandoned ship on Reese as he didn’t feel right, and ended up causing trouble with Soapy for Hamilton.

Nephi attempts to get water in a saloon and is promptly given a glass full of water from the trough out front. He decides to go back outside and overhears the conversation between Soapy and Hamilton.

Markus and Jacob enjoy several drinks over conversation before being rudely interrupted by a man with a somewhat english accent. The man wears a pair of Markus’ cuff links and immediately starts bragging about the time he had beat Markus with three of a kind Aces. He seems irritated when Markus doesn’t appear to remember him and introduces himself as Henry “Aces” Mason. Mason seeming unsettled by Markus not knowing him, touts his own exploits. When Markus challenges him to a big game, he stammers and stutters and swears he will get back to Markus on that.

Hamilton hocks the silverware, dress, and sugar for a tidy sum. He buys Wen some appropriate fitting clothing. Evening time began to fall on the city of Denver.

Gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!
Episode 3


The party exhausted after a long long evening that had started out, as meeting new travelling partners and sharing drinks with them, to fighting cultists, murdering a sheriff, almost getting arrested, instead arresting a voodoo witch, and then having dinner with a cross dressing companion, decided to hit the hay. Doctor Hamilton Reese decided to stay up and work longer on an invention that he had been tinkering with for a while.

Around 3 AM the entire party was asleep, some of them unknowingly affected by an enchantment making them sleep heavily. A while later, Reese was awakened by the screaming of women and horses. Upon waking he immediately saw the flicker of flames and looked outside to see that his horse was in danger and ran across the hall to awaken Nephi Sackett. Nephi hopped out of bed, threw on some boots and trousers and his shirt and a coat and ran out to free the horses. Moments later Reese saw the horses fleeing west from town up towards the mountains with Nephi in tow running after them. Reese then kicked each door, he heard screaming from the end of the hall but returns to his room to dress.

Markus G. Hearts was awakened by Hamilton and immediately gathered his things and got dressed. He also heard the screams at the end of the hallway, he ensure that his friend Jacob Cosby is awake and then hustles down the stairs and outside of the burning hotel.

Jacob finally awake gathers his equipment in a bunch and puts on his boots. He runs out into the hallway and realizes that the screams are coming from Li Wen and the hotel owner Shelley McGee. Laying all of his worldy possessions down in the hall he kicked down the door and found that the two women were trapped behind a large hole in the floor where the bed had crashed down through the weakened floor. He tipped a large wardrobe over to bridge the gap and it crashed through the floor onto a pile of burning debris on its head making a sort of platform. He told the women that they needed to jump across, Shelley takes her shot immediately and clears the jump using the platform created by Cosby. Wen, can’t find her courage depsite Jacob’s best attempt at coercing her. He jumped out onto the platform as it began to tilt towards Wen, grabbed her and sprang back towards relative safely with her in his arms, rolling out into the hall. He grabbed his things and grabbed Wen and went down the stairs and burst outside, just as the burning building collapsed.

As the party hit the street they realized that something like half of the city was ablaze, as they stood there taking it in, an explosion and a ball of flame burst out from the northern part of town. There were cries and screams coming from everywhere. Markus hears someone shouting for help weakly from the sheriffs office and sees a body laying in the doorway of the flame engulfed building. He pulled his side arm and went to investigate, and found that it was Penny. The inner part of the roof collapsed trapping her legs under burning rubble, as Markus was trying to talk Hamilton into giving him his coat to use to pull Penny from the fire. Markus tried to grab her out of the rubble, but struggles as she is trapped, when suddenly Dr. Hamilton Reese, surprisingly strides in and easily yanks her out of the debris (Markus most likely loosened her up) and carries her over to safety.

He sees that she is grievously injured and appears to have taken three shots in the gut. She tells them that her brother, Hubert betrayed her and freed Delphine Lalaurie. She also admits that her brother had been engaged to marry Lalaurie’s daughter Daphne Lalaurie prior to her death with the cultists. This causes the party members to facepalm as it could have been useful information to have. She also believes that Lalaurie was wielding fire magically.

Hamilton uses his “Dr Hamiltons Invigora”™, to heal the wounds on Penny. Miraculously he is able to restore her to the point where she can be somewhat useful to the party. She thanks him, and then immediately runs and embraces Jacob. Causing much disbelief to the good doctor. She begs the party to help put out the fires, Markus comes up with an idea to build some explosives to create a fire break between the live fire and the half of town that hadn’t begun to burn. This idea seems well received and Markus, Hamilton and Wen enter a mercantile store to loot… err to find materials to make bombs to build the fire break. The party continuously hears explosions and sees more balls of fire as time goes on.

Several men crawl out of some of the large buildings surrounding the area, they are all in varying states of being on fire, from completely burnt and aflame, to a single limb being aflame. They begin to shamble towards Jacob and Penny, as the other members of the party are inside the mercantile, stealing chemicals, cigars, and even some whiskey. The mayor of the city runs down the street barking directions, he is wearing a red vest. He promptly runs to give direction and give aid to the shambling men, and they proceed to rip him limb from limb. Jacob hollers for the members in the store to get ready as these men are CLEARLY out of their minds, and are going to attack the party. Suddenly the fire brigade barged around the corner and right into the group of men. They began to spray water on one of the businesses on fire but are quickly overwhelmed by the large contingent of burning zombies. Or humans that were clearly out of their minds… its a perspective thing.

The party opens fire on them as the flamers move towards them. Hamilton grabs a shotgun and gives one to Wen, sadly he forgets the ammo and wastes precious time as the party desperately guns down the advancing creatures. Luckily the creatures are slow and are soon dispatched as Hamilton and Wen go on a zombie rampage with their shotguns. (poor Wen is knocked over the first time she fires both barrels).

At this point the party decided that rather than stay and fight the fires, that they would pursue the cause of the fire. They followed the trail of blazing homes and buildings northwards and as they hit the edge of town could see two lights in the distance maybe a mile or so ahead. They appeared to be heading in the same direction as the Lalaurie house.

They made a decision that they would utilize the bombs that Hamilton had created with Wen, to put an end to that house, once and for all. As they neared within a 500 yards or so of the house, Hamilton chanted, and was able to provide the party with nightvision as an Indian shaman taught him. Jacob rode up into the timber on the southern side of the house and set up position just inside the tree line 100 yards or so from the fight, and pulled out his rifle to provide support. The rest of the party, Markus, Hamilton, Penny and Wen rode towards the house, bombs in hand. (except Hamilton who couldn’t throw one due to an “injury” to his rotator cuff). As they approached they saw two individuals sitting on the front porch, and they both stood and went inside the foyer.

Markus and Penny both see something, that seemed to cause both of them some fright.

They moved in closer and charged to throw the bombs on the house. Markus threw his bombs on the upper level, while Penny and Wen threw theirs on the lower level. The house began to burn. From the upper window three 10 foot tall creatures, with black shrivelled skin, and their eyes, and mouths sewn shut, jumped down and attacked the party. The party mounted on their horses, and shooting from afar was able to make short work of the trio of monstrosities. As the house began to burn, the party sees Delphine and Hubert, and takes a few shots at them. They don’t manage to hit them, they crawl up onto the table, and walk through the mirror. As they passed through the mirror, Delphine looked directly at Markuss and he heard a voice in his head “You may have won this hand Markus Hearts, but I have plenty more chips in my pile”.

After they vanished into the mirror, Hamilton decided to press on into the house and loot the house more. He found the chinese cook, and some other miscellany. He ran to fetch Jacob to pick the locks on her chains. It almost seemed like he cared! Jacob opened the lock, and they freed the cook. The party mounted their horses and started heading back towards town. Burning house behind them, and the sun rising on their left.

We shot the Sheriff (although we totally lied about it)... but we (surprisingly) did not shoot the deputy. (Don also earned a fate chip for the reference)
Episode 2


Doctor Hamilton Reese upon realizing there was a sizable posse in the front of the house, and believing there was nobody behind the house, immediately made a break for it, followed by his faithful companion Nephi Sackett. The good doctor attempted to run out onto the overhanging roof of the first floor to drop down and esca… err to get to the horses so he and his companions could get away safely! The doc slipped and slid down the roof and into the snow below. A hulking mammoth of a man walked over to where he fell and standing over him pointed a gun at his face. Nephi jumped from the roof and punched the man squarely in the jaw. They commenced to fist fighting, Nephi had the upperhand from his flying fist, but the other man was tough and a seasoned fighter. They traded blows before Nephi finally landed a solid shot to the man’s balls (called shot!), follwed by an elbow to the face, knocking the bear sized man down. During the fight the Doc scampered away to safety heading west between the buildings and running out to the tree line.

Markus G. Hearts and Jacob Cosby turn around to find that their companions are completely gone, fled. They decide to go downstairs and to directly confront the mob. They step out onto the front porch and are immediately told to surrender, the owner of the property Delphine Lalaurie immediately screams out that those are the men who murdered her precious daughter. A tall raven haired woman with icy blue eyes seemed to be unwillingly in control. After some discussion, Jacob and Markuss talked her into entering the house and viewing the things that they had seen. At this point they hear some shots from outside, but nothing appears to come of it. They took her to the chinese maid, chained to a bar in the kitchen, and took her upstairs to see the carnage of the dead cultists and the women that had been sacrificed by them. At this point the woman agrees that Delphine should be arrested and requests the help of Jacon and Markuss. They bind Lalaurie, and she begins to chant under her breath, Markus realizes she is casting a spell and has her gagged.

During the above events Hamilton sneaks around the side of the house after he convinces Nephi to run over by the mountain side and fire a few shots as a distraction. The doctor planned to steal the large sleigh they had cut down a would be christmas tree on, or try to grab a horse and make a break for it. His horse, however; caught wind of him and immediately trotted over to him causing multiple people to draw down on him. After a minute or two of trying to convince them he was looking for a whorehouse they were going to tie him up, but a second later, Markus and Jacob came out with the deputy and shouted for the arrest of Madame Lalaurie. Seeing some confusion amongst the men, he slipped down from sled, and mounted his horse and rode off into the night.

Nephi sauntered back over to the property and found himself surrounded but as of yet caught. He buried himself in the snow and remained hidden for a few minutes before he heard a lot of hollering and carrying on. After a few seconds all the men seemed to have gone. He got up and “casually” strolled along the side of the house and along the front porch just in time to see the doctor ride off without him. He “casually” strolled over to his horse and then galloped off behind Hamilton.

The deputy grateful for the assistance of Markus and Jacob, invited them back to Longmont for supper at Shelley’s Hotel. They locked up Lalaurie and headed to the hotel.

Hamilton and Nephi followed the party from a distance back to town. Upon arriving in town, Hamilton believing they were wanted men and that Markus and Jacob had dropped a dime on them, came up with an elaborate plan for a disguise. They convinced a young couple that her dress was causing her some sort of danger and needed to be tested medically. Initially Hamilton insisted that Nephi wear the dress, but it quickly became obvious that the dress was not going to fit him. Hamilton wore the dress himself, and they headed to the hotel at which time they stumbled into Markus, Jacob, and the deputy. They insist on having dinner with Nephi and his “russian bride”. Dr Hamilton did not plan on Nephi being just a terrible terrible actor and liar though, and soon had to end the charade to start another one. “Dr. Hamiltons Follies”! He then proceeded to attempt to sell some brain juice to Shelley, who was having none of it. Finally the party learned the name of the deputy Penelope “Penny” Shelton, and also learned that the large dark haired man that Nephi had knocked out was her brother, Hubert Shelton. The party retired to their rooms for a well deserved rest.

Loitering leads to trouble, not once, but twice.
Episode 1


The party gathered themselves after killing the cultists and freed the only living girl, and headed downstairs. They explored more of the house, and made themselves at home. Partaking of some of the fine alcohol and other comforts the house had to offer, while Nephi went upstairs and attempted to set the house ablaze by dousing a bed in lantern oil and setting it alight. After some time they heard people arrive, a man wearing a sheriffs star, and another older tall blonde woman.

Nephi realizing the woman thought that they were some other group attempted to act as though they had done what she thought they were supposed to be doing. But in attempting insinuated that he had lit a fire upstairs. The woman yelled at him to put it out and he ran up the stairs, meanwhlie the other party members bolted out the door passed the surprised sheriff. Nephi ran up the stairs as if he were going to put the fire out and opened the window… after deciding whether or not he should smash it open, and went onto the roof only to see his comrades riding into the snowy night, hotly pursued by the lawman. He moved around near the front of the house and heard a loud scream and a loud explosion as the vents from the attic flew off the house. He jumped from the roof onto his mount and began chasing after them, and was able to catch the sheriff with ease and slipped up behind him and cut his saddle.

The party regrouped after increasing their lead to wait and see if Nephi would show. He showed up shortly and they discussed how they should handle things. The sheriff caught up shortly after riding bareback and offered to parley. The party seemed somewhat open to the idea but Doctor Hamilton Reese and Markus got to the tree line and covered their comrades. After a brief dialog, Reese began to get ancy, and fired his Deringer into the air. This started a full blown firefight, ending with the sherrif being trampled by a horse and having his brains blown out of his head.

The good sheriff would not be deterred, however; and promptly rose from the dead a shambling corpse, which the party promptly took down. Looking back Nephi realizes the house isn’t on fire and as he is wont to do, let his curiosity get the better of him and returned to the house to see why his display of pyrotechnics had gone dud on him. The rest of the party allowed this to happen. Upon further examination the party finds even more messed up crap at the house and on the grounds, people being treated as slaves, physically maimed and abused. They find the corpses of the man and young girl that begged them for help in the ice house, bringing JacJacob to wonder how a family full of twins came to be in this situation. Meanwhile Markus and Reese find an asian slave locked in the pantry and chained to a bar, she offers to cook them food, and they want biscuits, they go to find the key to unlock her. Jacob hearing this immediately goes to free her only to find that she simply doesn’t want to go. She rechains herself to another bar in the kitchen and promptly sets about making biscuits for the party.

There are loud noises from the outside, upon looking out, the party finds a mob gathered outside, with the woman of the house somehow, holding her daughters corpse, crying and screaming in front of them.

So a gambler, an agent, a mad scientist and a kung-fu missionary walk into a bar...


The party met on a late November evening in a tiny bar just south of New Jerusalem called “Holy Moses” (owned and operated by a gentile!). Markus G. Hearts, Jacob Cosby, Nephi Sackett, and Doctor Hamilton Reese.

Sackett and Reese had been travelling together for sometime, while the other two companions met them “serendipitously”

The companions shared drinks as well as some idle chatter, and realized they were all heading in the same direction, to Denver. They left the saloon together and headed south. The evening grew long and the snow had started to fall fairly hard, when they chanced upon an Chinese man and his very young daughter wearing nothing but rags and no shoes on their feet. They begged for help in broken english, and pointed south west. Jacob Cosby charged into action and was the first man to ride over the rise and find a single ranch house, lit up for all to see. The others followed warily and together they approached the house.

There was nobody apparent, the certain members of the party took liberties with items within the house, simply helping themselves to a repeating rifle as well as drinks. Several members of the party had disturbing visions or hallucinations. After a bit of investigating the party found a secret room and interrupted a ritualistic human sacrifice, invoking the name of Bakulu-Baka. The party set upon the cultists including a tall blonde young woman. The cultists were ripped apart by Markus’ magicks, and the young blonde cultist was slain.


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