Jacob Cosby



Jacob Cosby is an alias.
My Cover story is that Jacob Cosby is a Reporter (stringer) for the chicago times.

My father is a high level Agent.
I only got my position as an agent because of him.
My mother died when I was young.

My dad had a mistress, Maggie Martin for many years.
I thought she was just a friend of the family.
Heather Martin, is my 1/2 sister.
she was a couple years younger then me, and we went to the same school.
I treated her like a younger sister anyway, but I didn’t know she was my 1/2 sister.
When she was 20, she confronted my dad… and that’s when I learned she was my 1/2 sister.
He gave her some money and some contacts, and she headed out west.

Tim Webber was also at the Agent training with me, always had to be the best in everything.

My first assignment back east was to investigate a terrorist plot.
The Terrorist was Luna Young and she ended up using her fiancée as a hostage.
I ended up killing both the terrorist and the hostage (Scott Cook)
Now Philip Cook, the hostage’s brother, wants revenge…
He was in the room when I killed everyone, so he got a good look at my face.
He doesn’t believe his soon-to-be sister in-law was a terrorist.
He’s looking for me under my pervious alias Joey Robbins
Part of my mission out west is to get away from Philip Cook.
and of course Philip has heard I’m heading to salt lake city.

All of my aliases all start with the letter “J”, as this is the same letter as my real name.
but I get a little jumpy with I hear “J” names.

I’m on assignment heading to salt lake city.
I believe that most “magic” is just smoke and mirrors, and that that most of it can be explained with science.

short term goals.
Don’t screw up again.
Get to Salt Lake City and disappear.

Long term goals.
Become a respected agent.
stop needed/ accepting help from my father.
Become an actual reporter.

Jacob Cosby

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