Doctor Hamilton Reese



1) Born in upstate new york to a carpenter and a housewife. Killed a wolf by simply admonishing its behavior (or so Doc Claims). Got a doctorate in chemistry at the age of 20.
Discovered ghostrock from a wild west carnival and used it to make tinctures to cure consumption (didn’t work). Invented the invigora and went out west to get more ghostrock.
Captured by Indians and escaped.

2) Relationships
A) Docs totally awesome horse
B) Docs totally awesome mother
C) Docs totally clingy Indian wife (he’s just not that into you)
D)Docs totally bogus brothers in law (Indian law so it doesn’t count)
3)Long term goal
Doc wants to build a steam ship and cruise ca waterways for ghostrock
4)short term goal
Avoid his wife and her brothers and get to California
5) Personality
Doc is always right
Doc hates it when people don’t think he is the best
Doc is always right
Doc has selective memory and perception, that’s OK though since he is always right

Doctor Hamilton Reese

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