Whores, Hoglegs, and Whiskey

So a gambler, an agent, a mad scientist and a kung-fu missionary walk into a bar...



The party met on a late November evening in a tiny bar just south of New Jerusalem called “Holy Moses” (owned and operated by a gentile!). Markus G. Hearts, Jacob Cosby, Nephi Sackett, and Doctor Hamilton Reese.

Sackett and Reese had been travelling together for sometime, while the other two companions met them “serendipitously”

The companions shared drinks as well as some idle chatter, and realized they were all heading in the same direction, to Denver. They left the saloon together and headed south. The evening grew long and the snow had started to fall fairly hard, when they chanced upon an Chinese man and his very young daughter wearing nothing but rags and no shoes on their feet. They begged for help in broken english, and pointed south west. Jacob Cosby charged into action and was the first man to ride over the rise and find a single ranch house, lit up for all to see. The others followed warily and together they approached the house.

There was nobody apparent, the certain members of the party took liberties with items within the house, simply helping themselves to a repeating rifle as well as drinks. Several members of the party had disturbing visions or hallucinations. After a bit of investigating the party found a secret room and interrupted a ritualistic human sacrifice, invoking the name of Bakulu-Baka. The party set upon the cultists including a tall blonde young woman. The cultists were ripped apart by Markus’ magicks, and the young blonde cultist was slain.



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