Whores, Hoglegs, and Whiskey

We shot the Sheriff (although we totally lied about it)... but we (surprisingly) did not shoot the deputy. (Don also earned a fate chip for the reference)

Episode 2


Doctor Hamilton Reese upon realizing there was a sizable posse in the front of the house, and believing there was nobody behind the house, immediately made a break for it, followed by his faithful companion Nephi Sackett. The good doctor attempted to run out onto the overhanging roof of the first floor to drop down and esca… err to get to the horses so he and his companions could get away safely! The doc slipped and slid down the roof and into the snow below. A hulking mammoth of a man walked over to where he fell and standing over him pointed a gun at his face. Nephi jumped from the roof and punched the man squarely in the jaw. They commenced to fist fighting, Nephi had the upperhand from his flying fist, but the other man was tough and a seasoned fighter. They traded blows before Nephi finally landed a solid shot to the man’s balls (called shot!), follwed by an elbow to the face, knocking the bear sized man down. During the fight the Doc scampered away to safety heading west between the buildings and running out to the tree line.

Markus G. Hearts and Jacob Cosby turn around to find that their companions are completely gone, fled. They decide to go downstairs and to directly confront the mob. They step out onto the front porch and are immediately told to surrender, the owner of the property Delphine Lalaurie immediately screams out that those are the men who murdered her precious daughter. A tall raven haired woman with icy blue eyes seemed to be unwillingly in control. After some discussion, Jacob and Markuss talked her into entering the house and viewing the things that they had seen. At this point they hear some shots from outside, but nothing appears to come of it. They took her to the chinese maid, chained to a bar in the kitchen, and took her upstairs to see the carnage of the dead cultists and the women that had been sacrificed by them. At this point the woman agrees that Delphine should be arrested and requests the help of Jacon and Markuss. They bind Lalaurie, and she begins to chant under her breath, Markus realizes she is casting a spell and has her gagged.

During the above events Hamilton sneaks around the side of the house after he convinces Nephi to run over by the mountain side and fire a few shots as a distraction. The doctor planned to steal the large sleigh they had cut down a would be christmas tree on, or try to grab a horse and make a break for it. His horse, however; caught wind of him and immediately trotted over to him causing multiple people to draw down on him. After a minute or two of trying to convince them he was looking for a whorehouse they were going to tie him up, but a second later, Markus and Jacob came out with the deputy and shouted for the arrest of Madame Lalaurie. Seeing some confusion amongst the men, he slipped down from sled, and mounted his horse and rode off into the night.

Nephi sauntered back over to the property and found himself surrounded but as of yet caught. He buried himself in the snow and remained hidden for a few minutes before he heard a lot of hollering and carrying on. After a few seconds all the men seemed to have gone. He got up and “casually” strolled along the side of the house and along the front porch just in time to see the doctor ride off without him. He “casually” strolled over to his horse and then galloped off behind Hamilton.

The deputy grateful for the assistance of Markus and Jacob, invited them back to Longmont for supper at Shelley’s Hotel. They locked up Lalaurie and headed to the hotel.

Hamilton and Nephi followed the party from a distance back to town. Upon arriving in town, Hamilton believing they were wanted men and that Markus and Jacob had dropped a dime on them, came up with an elaborate plan for a disguise. They convinced a young couple that her dress was causing her some sort of danger and needed to be tested medically. Initially Hamilton insisted that Nephi wear the dress, but it quickly became obvious that the dress was not going to fit him. Hamilton wore the dress himself, and they headed to the hotel at which time they stumbled into Markus, Jacob, and the deputy. They insist on having dinner with Nephi and his “russian bride”. Dr Hamilton did not plan on Nephi being just a terrible terrible actor and liar though, and soon had to end the charade to start another one. “Dr. Hamiltons Follies”! He then proceeded to attempt to sell some brain juice to Shelley, who was having none of it. Finally the party learned the name of the deputy Penelope “Penny” Shelton, and also learned that the large dark haired man that Nephi had knocked out was her brother, Hubert Shelton. The party retired to their rooms for a well deserved rest.



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