Whores, Hoglegs, and Whiskey

Nephi Sacketts, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hanging...

Episode 4


When last we saw our intrepid adventurer Nephi he had been wandering around for a few hours looking for the horses that belonged to his party. Due to his “heart” not really being in it, and having been awakened without a full nights sleep, he was unable to find them. Unbeknownst to him the party had managed to find their own horses wandering just outside of town and had pursued Lalaurie to her home to finish things once and for all… or so they hoped.

Meanwhile the wind turned on the city of Longmont and the rest of the city had gone to flame while the party was gone chasing Delphine and Hubert, and Nephi was chasing… horses. After some time he wandered back around to the charred city he saw a group of survivors gathered on a hill overlooking the city, under a large oak tree. He approached the surviving city folk and offered to give prayer with them. He appeared to not notice the mood of the towns people as he got near them, and as soon as he began to pray, the mob set upon him, with intent of hanging him. Nephi valiantly defended himself against the angry mob with just his fists but soon began to lose the battle. Nearing desperation he pulled his weapon and fired backward blindly, striking one of them men holding him in the leg, causing him to bleed out. This only served to enrage the mob.

As they prepared to string him up, his party members came over a ridge overlooking the burning city. Penny heard the report of a gunshot, and saw the crowd of people clamoring on the hill. She charged forward, followed by Markus, and Jacob. Doctor Hamilton Reese meandered up slowly from behind with Chopsticks.

Penny was able to diffuse the situation after discharging her gun into the air and a bunch of hollering and conversating went on. She asked the party to help assist with the fires and the burning reanimated that were walking the used to be streets of Longmont. The party declined and told her they had business to attend to. She thought about drawing down on them to try and force them to help… but in the end thought better of it. The party left the burg of Longmont fully ablaze, and to the hands of the survivors and headed south for Denver.

They traveled throughout the cold day, and as nightfall approached they decided to camp for the night. Markus found a suitable burrow and Nephi found a deer. Chopsticks cleaned up the deer and helped Markus cook it. They lined up watch rotations and everyone went to sleep. Dr. Reese went back to sleep on his watch, luckily the party went unmolested. Markus awoke with a start and found that the fire had essentially burned out. He restoked it and got it burning again, and then furious with Reese, he relieved himself in Reese’s shoe. The party woke up and got themselves together and headed south again.

The party arrived in Denver, and were met by a wiry, tall, dark haired man with a mustache who was trying to recruit shills for a scheme he was running the “soap prize package”. Markus and Jacob both were not interested and left to find a saloon. Nephi went to find a church, leaving Hamilton and Wen. The man introduced himself asJefferson “Soapy” Smith, but told them to call him Soapy. He offered to pay Reese 5 dollars and if he could wrangle up some help he would pay them all five dollars. Reese found Nephi and brought him back. Half way through the scheme Nephi abandoned ship on Reese as he didn’t feel right, and ended up causing trouble with Soapy for Hamilton.

Nephi attempts to get water in a saloon and is promptly given a glass full of water from the trough out front. He decides to go back outside and overhears the conversation between Soapy and Hamilton.

Markus and Jacob enjoy several drinks over conversation before being rudely interrupted by a man with a somewhat english accent. The man wears a pair of Markus’ cuff links and immediately starts bragging about the time he had beat Markus with three of a kind Aces. He seems irritated when Markus doesn’t appear to remember him and introduces himself as Henry “Aces” Mason. Mason seeming unsettled by Markus not knowing him, touts his own exploits. When Markus challenges him to a big game, he stammers and stutters and swears he will get back to Markus on that.

Hamilton hocks the silverware, dress, and sugar for a tidy sum. He buys Wen some appropriate fitting clothing. Evening time began to fall on the city of Denver.



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