Whores, Hoglegs, and Whiskey

Loitering leads to trouble, not once, but twice.

Episode 1


The party gathered themselves after killing the cultists and freed the only living girl, and headed downstairs. They explored more of the house, and made themselves at home. Partaking of some of the fine alcohol and other comforts the house had to offer, while Nephi went upstairs and attempted to set the house ablaze by dousing a bed in lantern oil and setting it alight. After some time they heard people arrive, a man wearing a sheriffs star, and another older tall blonde woman.

Nephi realizing the woman thought that they were some other group attempted to act as though they had done what she thought they were supposed to be doing. But in attempting insinuated that he had lit a fire upstairs. The woman yelled at him to put it out and he ran up the stairs, meanwhlie the other party members bolted out the door passed the surprised sheriff. Nephi ran up the stairs as if he were going to put the fire out and opened the window… after deciding whether or not he should smash it open, and went onto the roof only to see his comrades riding into the snowy night, hotly pursued by the lawman. He moved around near the front of the house and heard a loud scream and a loud explosion as the vents from the attic flew off the house. He jumped from the roof onto his mount and began chasing after them, and was able to catch the sheriff with ease and slipped up behind him and cut his saddle.

The party regrouped after increasing their lead to wait and see if Nephi would show. He showed up shortly and they discussed how they should handle things. The sheriff caught up shortly after riding bareback and offered to parley. The party seemed somewhat open to the idea but Doctor Hamilton Reese and Markus got to the tree line and covered their comrades. After a brief dialog, Reese began to get ancy, and fired his Deringer into the air. This started a full blown firefight, ending with the sherrif being trampled by a horse and having his brains blown out of his head.

The good sheriff would not be deterred, however; and promptly rose from the dead a shambling corpse, which the party promptly took down. Looking back Nephi realizes the house isn’t on fire and as he is wont to do, let his curiosity get the better of him and returned to the house to see why his display of pyrotechnics had gone dud on him. The rest of the party allowed this to happen. Upon further examination the party finds even more messed up crap at the house and on the grounds, people being treated as slaves, physically maimed and abused. They find the corpses of the man and young girl that begged them for help in the ice house, bringing JacJacob to wonder how a family full of twins came to be in this situation. Meanwhile Markus and Reese find an asian slave locked in the pantry and chained to a bar, she offers to cook them food, and they want biscuits, they go to find the key to unlock her. Jacob hearing this immediately goes to free her only to find that she simply doesn’t want to go. She rechains herself to another bar in the kitchen and promptly sets about making biscuits for the party.

There are loud noises from the outside, upon looking out, the party finds a mob gathered outside, with the woman of the house somehow, holding her daughters corpse, crying and screaming in front of them.



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