Whores, Hoglegs, and Whiskey

Here there be... silver mines...and outlaws, and doublecrosses, and giant bear wolverine monsters.... Yeah I think thats about it.

Episode 6, 6.1, and 6.2


After a slow and boring first night in Denver, the party awoke refreshed and headed down for their breakfast in the beautiful and spacious hotel lobby. As Nephi had been inquiring at the sheriffs office the day before looking for work, mainly regarding bounty hunting… it appeared that someone with a need for a bounty hunter had surfaced to hold the parties hand to adventure! An obese, red headed man who was exceptionally well dressed introduced himself to Nephi as one Buford McGinty. He stated that his daughter had been kidnapped by some thugs lead by a bandit named… Bandit Darville. Nephi immediately took the job before hearing anything about payment, causing Doctor Hamilton Reese to spit out his coffee, and then Nephi followed that up by stating that they would worry about payment at a later time, again causing Reese to spew forth is coffee. The group settled on a nominal fee and agreed to rescue the mans daughter. The man supplied them with money for the ransom as well as a steam wagon. Several of the party members were suspicious of the offer and the sparse details regarding the mission.

The party went to the sheriffs office to wait for Buford as he told them he would come pick them up in the steam wagon. The sheriff was a belligerent, tobacco chewing/spitting, asshole. He threatened to kill Hamilton, threatened and mocked Jacob and generally made everyone so irritated that they all wanted to kill him for the most part. Eventually Buford picked up the party and took them back to his mansion. A beautiful estate, he gave the party the details on his daughter and where to meet the bandits.

The party set out and after a couple of days travel reached Georgetown. The city had been abandoned for sometime as they had heard (around 6 years) and it showed. The shacks were falling apart as were the larger buildings. It was plain to see where a large mudslide had covered nearly half of the city. In the distance the party saw two large stacks and a big building, most likely the furnace. They drove towards that with Cosby, Chopsticks, and Nephi getting out and sneaking behind some buildings. Nephi hears voices inside and they three of them realize its a trap.

Meanwhile, Reese piloted the steam wagon recklessly into the front yard of the furnace, they realize that they were surrounded. Darville shows himself and he has a gun to a womans head. He demands that the party give him the book and the money and he’ll let the girl go. The pair claim to be ignorant of the book that Darville is talking about. This conversation ends with Bandit shooting the woman in the head as Reese drove the steam wagon maniacally towards him. Markus throws a stick of dynamite but is thrown off kilter by Reese’s bad driving causing his dynamite to hit one of the retaining walls destroying a chunk of it and sending fragments everywhere. Hamilton realizes the steam wagon is not going to make it up the hill towards the depot and turned around and rammed straight into one of the stacks, damaging the wagon in the process and doing very little damage to the stack.

The other half of the party hear a loud explosion, and take advantage of the situation to ambush the ambushers. They wipe out most of them and then start fighting the ones in the shack next to theirs. The party manages to kill most of the henchman and a sharpshooting Indian named Sugar Bear on the tower, it was down to Bandit, and his partner Cledus Branford. Hamilton Reese took a severe shot from a shotgun and was wounded badly the part killed Cledus and Bandit wanted to parlay. Markus wasn’t having that shit though. Not caring about the bounty, Markus lit a stick of dynamite and tossed it into the tumbler with Bandit. The explosion blew the bandit formerly known as Bandit to chunks. Reese used his device to heal himself. After collecting themselves the party decided to scout around and see if they could find the horses and gear from the group of bandits.

They followed tracks north from the furnace, they found a large common area where the tracks seemed to emanate from. They opened the door and the stench was overpowering, and carnage was everywhere. The horses were all slaughtered and there were several bandits who had been ripped clean in half. The rear side of the building had been sheared open, and the group found massive animal tracks.

The party wisely decided to stay the night in Georgetown (that and their wagon was in need of repair as it was needlessly slammed into a large concrete stack). During the night the party was attacked by a large bear/wolverine looking monster (anyone else not surprised?). The creature’s stench was overwhelming and their weapons seemed unable to wound it, Markus saved the day however, and used his magic upon the beast, felling it in a single blow.

The next morning the party found chopsticks was missing, and ambled out to find her. She was back at the northern common room stripping meat from the dead horses. They retrieved her and lit the building on fire to cremate the remaining bodies. They also retrieved the body of Bufords daughter. Hamilton and Li finished fixing the steam wagon. A voice called out to them asking them to lower their weapons and he would come out. At this point they met [[H.P. Benton]] the owner of the Benton Silver MIning Company. The man asked them if they had met Ed. The two ton beast that had ruined his silver mines. They told him that they had dispatched “Ed”, and showed him the body. The old man stabbed and kicked the corpse… and then invited the party to join him for pancakes. At this point he asks them to name their reward. The party, thinking small potatoes, requests train fare. The man chuckles and asks them to think bigger. Markus asks for a 10% stake in the company. Again H.P. Chuckles telling them “now you’re thinkin” but thats a bit too much. He in turn offers 2% to each of the actual party members (sorry chopsticks he doesn’t think you’re a person) which they happily agree to. They are required to lock their weapons in a lockbox for the journey back to Denver.

They take the corpse of Buford’s daughter, and the two in tact corpses that had bounties on them, and head back to Denver. Upon arrival they decide to go immediately to the sheriffs office. The first thing they notice is the sheriff isn’t the same person who was in before. More than that the other sheriff was a phony, this one had headed up north to Longmont and had just returned. The sheriff also goes on to tell the party that Buford is a drifter and doesn’t own a home in Denver, he’s a bit of a scammer. He goes out to the wagon to view the bounties and collects two of the corpses. The party mentions that the third corpse is Buford’s daughter, and again the sheriff doesn’t recollect Buford having a daughter, he thinks that it was a whore from the Blackjack Bar.. owned by one Jefferson “Soapy” Smith. He takes the two bounties and pays the party, and he requests that they return the girl to the Blackjack and sends a deputy that “knew” the girl.

When the party arrives at the BlackJack, Soapy is tending bar. They bring in the corpse of the dead girl and Soapy demands payment for her. He requires $100 dollars as he claims thats what he paid to bring her out here. The party refuses and weapons are drawn, Soapy draws on Nephi, Markus on Soapy, men on the second floor on everyone, and chopsticks busts through the door with her shotgun and draws on the men up top. Soapy insists that they pay and tells the deputy to let the party know who runs this town. He admits that Soapy greatly sweetens their salaries for “favors”. Nephi decides to settle without bloodshed and pays the $100. He is left seething though. The party returns to the hotel for the night.



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